Fail to create VM in SolusVM 2: IPv6 is disabled on nexthop device

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Applicable to:

  • SolusVM 2


Fail to create VM in SolusVM 2:

SVM_ERROR: failed to set up network: failed to register routes: failed to create IPv6 route for "2604:6280:151::1/128": failed to add route "2604:6280:151::1/128" on "br-routed": failed "ip -6 route add 2604:6280:151::1/128 dev br-routed" with stdErr: "Error: IPv6 is disabled on nexthop device.\n", stdOut: "", exitStatus: exit status 2


IPv6 is not configured on the corresponding Compute Resource.


To fix this do one of the following:

  • Configure IPv6 on Compute Resource
  • Unassign IPv6 block from Compute Resource at SolusVM 2 > Compute Resources > Compute Resource Settings
  • Create VPS with IPv4 address only

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