All tasks are queued on a SolusVM 2 Compute Resource

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Applicable to:

  • SolusVM 2



  • All tasks are in Queued status on a Compute Resource
  • /var/log/solus/agent.log on Compute Resource shows failed connection attempts to a non-Management Server IP or hostname ( below is an example of the incorrect IP)

CONFIG_TEXT: ESC[31mERROESC[0m[2024-05-27 09:36:46]/usr/src/agent/pkg/queue/queue.go:84 agent/pkg/queue.(*queue).connect() Queue "vm-usage-v2" connection to rabbitmq failed. Retrying in 1s: failed to dial "amqps://ap_dtEi8CJQ:9pgF4DS6UbK
h9ox3@": dial tcp connect: no route to host

CONFIG_TEXT: ESC[36mINFOESC[0m[2024-05-27 09:36:47]/usr/src/agent/pkg/queue/queue.go:96 agent/pkg/queue.(*queue).doConnect() Queue "vm-usage-v2" connecting to rabbitmq on "amqps://ap_dtEi8CJQ:9pgF4DS6UbKh9ox3@"


An incorrect hostname in api_host value in /etc/solus/agent.json on Compute Resource


1. Change the api_host value in /etc/solus/agent.json to match it with Management Server

2. Restart solus-agent.service

# systemctl restart solus-agent.service

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