How to add a VPC(private) network in SolusVM 2

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How to add a VPC(private) network in SolusVM 2?


To use the functionality you will need to do the following

  1. Assign private IP addresses to Compute Resources via UI > Compute Resources > Settings for a CR
  2. Create a new VPC network in UI > Networks > VPC Networks (make sure to exclude IPs you assigned to CR from the range or set of private IPs you add)
  3. Open a VM in UI > Virtual Servers > Networking and choose the VPC Network you created
  4. The IP will be assigned automatically once the VPC is attached to the VM

Note: there are following rules and limitations for the feature

  • Creating a VPC network to connect multiple KVM servers in one location is now possible using a private network.
  • Compute resources now have the "IP for VPC network" setting, allowing the VPC networks feature to be used. To use the feature, specify a private IP address for the setting on all compute resources in one location. The IP addresses must be from one of the following ranges:,, or
  • Users with the "manage owned VPC networks" permission can create, attach, detach, and delete VPC networks in the User Area.
  • Importing nodes with virtual servers with private IP addresses from SolusVM 1 is now possible.
  • It's now possible to migrate a virtual server with private IP addresses from nodes imported from SolusVM 1.

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