How to create the custom Windows XEN HVM template on XEN server in SolusVM?

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Applicable to:

  • SolusVM


 How to create the custom Windows XEN HVM template on the XEN server? 


  1. Connect to Xen Node via SSH.
  2. Prepare a Source VPS from which template will be created.

    SVM_WARN: The size of VPS has to be as small as possible as template size as well as the minimum disk size of future VPS created from this template depends on it. Also, the Source VPS must have only one partition.

  3. Shut down the Source Xen HVM VPS which you are going to create a template from.
  4. Run the below command on the Xen Node and select the HDD location of the VPS on the Xen Node:

    # /scripts/create-template

    Note: In case the custom template is for Windows OS later than Windows 7 select the Windows 7 when prompted to choose OS.

  5. Upload the created template to the Master Node using rsync utility (or any other utility):

    # rsync /home/solusvm/tmp/<template_name>.tar.gz <Master_IP>:/home/solusvm/xen/hvmtemplate

    Note: replace <template_name> and <Master_IP> with the actual values accordingly.

  6. On Xen Node place the template under the /home/solusvm/xen/hvmtemplate directory.
  7. Add a template in SolusVM at Media > add Xen HVM template.

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