How to update SolusVM?

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Applicable to:

  • SolusVM


How to update SolusVM?


Update via SolusVM Master web interface:
  1. Log into SolusVM Master web interface.

  2. Open Tools > Update:

  3. Depending on the required branch click on Upgrade to Mainline Branch or Downgrade to Stable Branch.

Update via command
  1. Connect to the SolusVM Master server over SSH.

  2. To update SolusVM:
    to the latest stable version or switch SolusVM to it, execute:

    # upcp 1

    to the latest mainline version or switch SolusVM to it, execute:

    # upcp 2

The difference between branches:

  • Stable version - gets bug and security fixes only.

  • Mainline version - gets the latest changes, features, bug and security fixes.

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