LVM not creating sometimes for VPS in SolusVM

Applicable to:

  • SolusVM


  • LVM not creating sometimes for VPS in SolusVM - the VM that gets created will not properly have its LVM created, it won't exist on LVM list
  • The following can be seen in the debug window:

    SVM_ERROR: error: Failed to create domain from /home/kvm/kvm101/kvm101.xml
    error: Failed to open file '/dev/VolGroup/kvm101_img': No such file or directory

  • SolusVM version is 1.24.07 and below


SolusVM uses lvcreate utility to create LVM and in some cases it requires to purge meta data leftovers from deleted logical volumes. In version 1.24.08 SolusVM received an improvement that purges it forcefully.


Update SolusVM to the version 1.24.08 or above and create VPS once again.

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