How to allow clients to select OS of SolusIO VPS with WHMCS VPS Provisioning module?

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Applicable to:

  • SolusIO


How to allow clients to select Location of SolusIO VPS with WHMCS VPS Provisioning module?


  1. Login into admin area of WHMCS.

  2. Open Setup > Product/Services > Configurable Options > Create a New Group.

    Creating new group


  3. Type necessary Name and Description.

  4. Click on Save Changes > Add New Configurable Option.

  5. Type Operating System in Option Name, select Dropdown in Option Type and write OS_ID | OS_Name, where:

    OS_ID - actual ID of a OS image from SolusIO > Images > Operating System > required OS.

    Example of OS_ID


    OS_Name - any required value to display in WHMCS.

    For example, it is required to use CentOS 8 - its ID is 2. Content of Option Type will be 2|CentOS 8.

    Example of option


  6. Click on Save Changes.

  7. Add other required Operating System as in step 5.

  8. Select the required product that will use created Configurable Option.

    Example of created option group


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