How to configure OVH failover IPs for SolusVM KVM VMs?

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  • SolusVM


 How to configure OVH failover IPs for SolusVM KVM host server?


  1. Enable Virtual MAC for each IPs in OVH panel and update the MAC in SolusVM IP block.
  2. Ability to set IPv4 network routes for KVM virtual servers. Allows compatibility for datacenters that require special routing i.e OVH, Hetzner etc.
    On the hypervisor the following setting should be set to 'true' under the KVM section in /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini:

    CONFIG_TEXT: ovh_bridged_network_routes = true

Warning: Failover IP can be assigned as additional IP for VM but the additional IP should be assigned with VM's main IP's MAC address on OVH panel and SolusVM.

Reference MAC assigning per IP Address

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