Creation of the KVM virtual server results in error: No bootable Device error

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  • SolusVM


Getting the "No bootable Device" error in the VNC screen after the VM creation.

The following error in Build Log:

CONFIG_TEXT: ########## LOG START ##########
Built From Template => /home/solusvm/kvm/template/windows-2016-server.gz
Tools => Running tools Logical volume "kvm101_img" successfully removed
Logical volume "kvm101_img" created.
Resize operation completed with no errors. Before deleting the old
disk, carefully check that the resized disk boots and works correctly.

Here is the virt-filesystems output of the the custom template.

# virt-filesystems -a /home/solusvm/kvm/template/windows-2016-server.gz --all --long --uuid -h
Name Type VFS Label MBR Size Parent UUID
/dev/sda1 filesystem ntfs System Reserved - 500M - 3C36E57736E53316
/dev/sda2 filesystem ntfs - - 25G - 6484E7B984E78BBC
/dev/sda1 partition - - 07 500M /dev/sda -
/dev/sda2 partition - - 07 25G /dev/sda -
/dev/sda device - - - 25G - -

Note: Primary Partition of the above VM is /dev/sda2

Here is the template settings screenshot.



Template filename is invalid one. Partition # Resize parameter value is wrong.


Template filename plays a important role. SolusVM couldn't read the template without proper name.

  1. Rename the template in both Master and Slave server using the below command.

    # mv /home/solusvm/kvm/template/windows-2016-server.gz /home/solusvm/kvm/template/windows-2016-server-r2-custom-x86_64-gen1-v1.gz

  2. Update the renamed template in the template settings page

Source VM primary partition is 2, So the Partition # Resize value should be 2 for this template.

Note: Partition #resize parameter will be vary for each template and it depends upon how the source VM configured.

Make sure the new VPS disk size would larger than the Source VPS disk size which is used to create custom template.

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