Unable to reset password for KVM VPS in SolusVM: inspect_os: lstat: /etc/sysconfig/network: Input/output error

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Applicable to:

  • SolusVM


  • Unable to reset KVM VPS password at SolusVM > Virtual Servers > VPS > Root/Admin Pass:

    CONFIG_TEXT: Error!
    Root/Administrator password could not be changed.
    This virtual server may not be linux or Windows

  • When trying to mount the VPS LVM with libguestfs utilities there is the following error:

    # guestmount -a /dev/solusvm/kvm790_img -i --rw /mnt_tmp
    libguestfs: error: inspect_os: lstat: /etc/sysconfig/network: Input/output error


VPS's filesystem is corrupted.


  1. Connect to KVM slave node via SSH
  2. Stop the VPS:

    # virsh destroy KVMID

    VMID of a VPS can be found in SolusVM > Virtual Servers > VMID column.

  3. Backup the VPS
  4. Find the VPS LVM image path:

    virsh domblklist VMID

    The example output should be as follows:

    # virsh domblklist kvm101
    Target    Source
    hda        /dev/solusvm/VMID_img
    hdc        -

  5. Map the VPS LVM image using its path from the previous step:

    # kpartx -a -v /dev/solusvm/VMID_img
    add map solusvm-VMID_img1 (253:44): 0 7859840 linear /dev/solusvm/VMID_img 2048
    add map solusvm-VMID_img2 (253:45): 0 524288 linear /dev/solusvm/VMID_img 7861888

  6. Run e2fsck on both partition:

    # e2fsck /dev/mapper/solusvm-VMID_img1 -y && e2fsck /dev/mapper/solusvm-VMID_img2 -y

  7. Unmap VPS LVM:

    # kpartx -d /dev/solusvm/VMID_img

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