SolusIO WHMCS Module not bringing over password from signup form


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    Nikolay Zhmuk

    This field is a part of WHMCS standard Order submission form, it is managed by WHMCS core itself and cannot be hidden by means of solusiovps module.

    I could find a template that is responsible for this page and here are the steps below to hide this field (for WHMCS 8):

    1. Create a backup of this template file templates/orderforms/standard_cart/configureproduct.tpl:
      cp -a templates/orderforms/standard_cart/configureproduct.tpl{,.saved}
    2. Update the content inside:
      # diff /var/www/vhosts/ /var/www/vhosts/
      < <label for="inputRootpw">{$LANG.serverrootpw}</label>
      < <input type="password" name="rootpw" class="form-control" id="inputRootpw" value="{$server.rootpw}">
      > <!-- label for="inputRootpw">{$LANG.serverrootpw}</label-->
      > <input type="hidden" name="rootpw" class="form-control" id="inputRootpw" value="{$server.rootpw|default:'==$*8yr#kSD=zS38gQ@2A2@sXLcNxAq5Hacyh5yLVv7ze?ye&PBKQEK!hc!PTHxH'}">

      There is a default dummy value for $server.rootpw variable set, otherwise error about empty password field arise.

    Note that it was not tested on production environment, so it is better to verify this functionality on test lab first.

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