About SolusVM license types

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    Kai Neubecker (Edited )

    try to find out how it works. KVM i can only run with Slave License. KVM is not on Master possible. 

    maximum of 2 VPS on the slave node / maximum of 5 VPS on the slave node


    so you not support KVM anymore? we run a SolusVM some years before and we have a lot of KVM Vps .. 

    send feedback hope you see my Account

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    Nikolay Zhmuk

    Kai Neubecker SolusVM still supports KVM hypervisor. Slave licenses types applicable to all supported virtualizations, does not matter if slave node is OpenVZ, KVM or XEN.

    It means that if you upgraded your license with additional slave, you can add any of slave node, OpenVZ, KVM or Xen.

    For unlimited number of VPS on the slave node you need to add Slave type.

    If the issue still persists, you can post error message here or submit a support ticket for deeper investigation.

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    How to get the master solusvm license from backend

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