How to obtain or renew Let's Encrypt certificate for SolusVM 2 Management node?

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    Andrew Cutler (Edited )

    The command to access the solus_nginx container would not work for me on CentOS 8 until I changed the enclosing braces {} to parentheses ().

    docker exec -ti ${docker ps --format '{{ .ID }}' -f name=solus_nginx} sh
    -bash: ${docker ps --format '{{ .ID }}' -f name=solus_nginx}: bad substitution

    docker exec -ti $(docker ps --format '{{ .ID }}' -f name=solus_nginx) sh
    / #
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    Hal Bouma

    It would be helpful if you also told us how to setup a cron job for this so that we don't have to look at this article every 3 months for renewing it. Thanks.

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    Nistor Ioan

    You could add one with example content:

    Inside container

    crontab -e

    Add something like:

    0 0 */1 * * installer -letsencrypt -check-renew -email -domain -server-url -out-cert /etc/nginx/certs/cert.crt -out-priv /etc/nginx/certs/priv.key -http-port 5080 -tls-port 5443  >> /proc/1/fd/2 2>&1


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