How to use SolusIO image builder?

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Applicable to:

  • SolusIO


How to use SolusIO image builder?


  1. Connect to the Compute resource via SSH
  2. Install the necessary packages:

    # yum install git curl unzip

  3. Download Packer and unarchive it:

    # curl -k --output

  4. Rename the existing packer binary and replace it with the unarchived:

    # mv /usr/sbin/packer{,.orig}
    # cp packer /usr/sbin/

  5. Clone the repository with image builder and change to its directory:

    # git clone
    # cd solus-cloud-images

  6. Skip this step if Debian-based OS is used on CR, otherwise do the following:

    Open the json config file(for example windows/windows-2019.json) in text editor and add the following line in "builders" section:

    CONFIG_TEXT: "qemu_binary":"/usr/libexec/qemu-kvm",

  7. Start the package building process:

    # ./ build windows-2019

    As a result you will find an image under ./output directory.

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