Is Virtuozzo 7.5 supported with SolusIO + WHMCS?

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Is Virtuozzo 7.5 supported with SolusIO + WHMCS?


It is possible to install SolusIO on the Compute Resource server with Virtuozzo, see the link for your reference with the announcement -

However, there are limitations regarding this use case - it is possible to create only VPSs with the KVM virtualization type on that CRs (not OpenVZ containers). 

There are other limitations:

  • Required versions: Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.0.14-249 or newer, SolusIO 1.1.10209 or newer.
  • Only virtual machines are supported.
  • It is recommended to backup/restore running VMs using Virtuozzo Hybrid Server (formerly Virtuozzo 7) built-in backups. They offer improved data consistency and provide more functionality, including incremental backups, compression, and such.

    Note: Backup of VPSs made via SolusIO on the Virtuozzo server is integrated into the system.
    This statement is only a recommendation. The Virtuozzo Team suggests using their backup mechanism due to the platform specifics.
    But you still can use SolusIO for that purpose - the final decision is up to you.

  • Make sure to add plans with QCOW2 disks only.
  • Do not mix SolusIO VMs and Virtuozzo VMs on the same node.


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